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Hi Kath,

Please help me.. I am having EXACTLY the same problems as the previous poster. I sent some emails this morning trying to sort out my cancer care. I tried to send another email literally seconds later [through thunderbird] but a message came up saying server something or other. [I am an old man and do not understand these things]

I tried and tried and tried. I tried to login to the Virgin email thing direct but it said that my email was "unavailable or blocked" is what i think it said. I found pages of instructions on the Virgin site that i could scarcely understand but i got someone to try to help me, but all we succeeding in doing was deleting my email address from your system. My other NTL email address is working fine, but ALL my healthcare people and the hospital and social services that need to contact me, they all use my "deleted" email address.

I spent several hours on the chat thing earlier and the lovely helper managed to re-instate my email address and reset the password for me as well. They said that it would take about two hours for the new settings to come into effect.

I tired it a short while ago [about 3 hours later] and it let me straight in, but then i signed out and tried to sign back in and it will not let me so i am right back where i started now. Please PLEASE try to help me with this. I REALLY need to talk to the hospital people but thanks to my disabilites i cannot use a telephone and my email is my only link to the outside world.

I have tried so much. I know you explained before to the previous poster about about signing in and changing settings, but the system will not even let me sign in, so that i CAN reset anything.

Please please try to sort this for me. I need medical help urgently but i cannot get it now. Please try to help..

Thank you



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey nothappy18, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this. 

I am going to send you a PM so we can look into this, please keep an eye out for it.

Matt - Forum Team

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