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Problem syncing with VM email subscribed folders when using MS Outlook

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I have an intractable problem with Outlook and Virginmedia emails which I hope someone can help solve, please.

Every time I try and send and receive I get error message 0x800CCC0e cannot sync with VM subscribed folders 

However, once, surprisingly, for a period of 2 hours this problem suddenly went away but then came back.

I have checked and rechecked all account settings.

I have got Virgin Media to generate new password for use with email apps which I am now using.

I can access my VM emails successfully from my iPad using iOS mail.

Ditto from my android phone via Gmail phone app.

Most extraordinarily, if I switch Outlook to “New” Outlook, I can immediately send and receive and view all VM emails. But this is not a solution since new Outlook is so desperately poor and dumbed down. Switching back to classic outlook then does not solve problem. (they appear to use same email account settings, so…??)

My wife’s Outlook on another similar PC with her VM emails has no problem.  I am using the same email account parameters as hers, and as recommended by Virgin media.

How I have tried to solve problem with no success

  1. Had phone support with Microsoft.  No joy.
  2. Tried safe mode.
  3. Tried temp removal of each add-in in turn.
  4. Tried many suggested solutions/setting changes on various tech and community websites, all not successful.
  5. Tried disabling Norton plug In and firewall and anti virus.
  6. Tried setting up and using new profile for Outlook.
  7. Tried repairing Microsoft 365. Also did a complete reinstall.
  8. Tried repairing email account.
  9. Diagnostic checks on network, operating system, and hardware found no problems.
  10. Deleted and recreated email account itself from Outlook.
  11. Updated BIOS.
  12. Updated drivers.


HP laptop

Windows 11 Pro updated to latest

Microsoft 365

I  hope someone can help.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jnapjp

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

We're sorry to hear you seem to be having issues with your emails when using Outlook. As you've mentioned that this issue isn't present on the new version of Outlook, we would recommend to use the newer version as it most likely has updated and bug fixes on there that are resolving the issue.

Can you think of anything that changed at all when the issue started? Did your device have an OS update or anything like that?


Thank you for your reply.  I have since identified one further change to try i.e. to switch off Norton VPN which, although was not active, was on standby.  This has worked, at least for now, but it has worked before and then stopped.  Norton VPN appears to only affect Outlook as I had successfully installed the eM email client and this worked ok with VM accounts with the VPN on.


Joining in

If you do a search in the forum, you'll find a number of people are having a similar problem at the moment. One solution that seems to work for some people is to tick "requires authentication" in server settings. (This doesn't work for me, as I'm not using Outlook, and the Mac Mail client doesn't have a "requires authentication" option, but it might work for you.)