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Panic Mode: No Emails!

Joining in

Can anyone help - as I feel physically sick 😮. I have had a Virgin Media email address for years and use it as my primary address. Unfortunately, I no longer have a VM account as i switched broadband 8 years ago...

As of yesterday, I can no longer access my emails - as it doesn't recognise the password??

Obviously, I am aware that I am costing VM money by using their email, so they are within their rights to turn off etc.

I just need access for a few more weeks as my CV has my email on it - and i have applied for a load of jobs!! 

Nightmare - help anyone??


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM "officially" delete email after 90 days from when you left.  However there are many cases where this is not done. You may be lucky and it's just the new email sign in rules that are not allowing you access.   However if the mailbox has been purged, I doubt if you will get it back for recovery.

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Joining in

Thanks  for this - what are the new email sign in rules hopefully i can work around them ? will they a sender get a bounceback ?  

thansks for the reply ! what are the new sign in rules ? am i missing something ? if the email is now dead will a snder get a bounceback ? 

Alessandro Volta

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello EamonB.

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our community.

Can we just ask if the link that @jpeg1 sent above helped?

It's a bit of a grey area with email accounts getting deleted when a customer leaves us.

Some tend to slip net and remain active, Then we run a sweep for active email accounts on disconnected services.

Please let us know if you still need help.