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O2 e mails

Joining in

Hi Virginmedia Community I have recently received an email from [MOD EDIT: Removed].   5 e mails from 02 tilling me my bill in pdf form is ready and the final e mail is from VMED 02 mail saying there are new changed to my bill.   Needless to say I am not opening them for security reasons but I would like to know in that O2 has merged with  Virginmedia what is going on.

many thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello cly56.

Thanks for your post and welcome back to our community.

Just to put your mind at rest Virgin Mobile started migrating all customers over to O2 back in January 2023.

We did contact every customer in advance by email to inform them of the changes happening.

If you needed to discuss your changes with the billing you can calling 0344 809 0202 (or 202 from an O2 handset)