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My E mail has been hacked ntl

Joining in

My NTL  e mail has been hacked . The hacker has changed the password. I need to close the account. as there seems to be a lot of problems with NTL Email. I am not very good with inputing the Internet. Help please 





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @marty61,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear your having this issue with your email address, I would like to go about looking into this further with you, for me to do so I will need to go about sending you a private message.


Hi Joseph

Nice to hear from you.

How is the best way we can make contact. I have a secure  e mail address. or through this app.?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @marty61,

Thanks for joining me in that private message so that we could go about resolving your issue, if you need anything further please do let us know.


Hi Jo

I can get into my email's now and all passwords have been changed. It took a long time to get it sorted out.  I have learnt to make good passwords.   Thank you for all your hard work and time Jo mutch apreacheated.  Thanks again.  Martyn 


Glad to hear this issue was resolved @marty61 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help.


Forum Team

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Hi Guys

Thanks to all at the forum team for resolving this matter it took avery long time to beat the hacker. System's need to be mutch quicker to resolve. Thanks again.  M Jones 


Hi Jo.

One last question.  [removed]         is still going how can i change the password?  Martyn 

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Hi Marty61 👋🏼.

Thank you for coming back to us onto this thread ☺.

Please see @Graham_A's post in this wonderful thread -Email password change? - Virgin Media Community - 5347550.

Was you able to change the password with the steps provided, if not what happens when you try? 

Let us know we will do our best to help.  

Ari - Forum Team

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