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How do I change my email password

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My Blueyonder email account has just downloaded over 4000 to Outlook on checking my VM Blueyonder account I found a spam email which indicates that my Blueyonder account has been hacked so I need/want to change my password. However I can't find where to do that - help please.



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Sorry - just realised it's my Virgin Media account password that I need to change !!!!

When I click on Account Settings to edit my password I'm asked to verify my identity 

Before you verify your identity, we need you to change your sign in email address to one that isn’t from Virgin Media. Otherwise, if we send the code to your Virgin Media email address you might not be able to access it.

Problem is I only have the one email address with VM and am not IT savvy enough to set up any other email address.

Yes, this is poor design.  Built and Tested by Monkeys. will show you how to set up a Gmail account. describes how to create a microsoft (live/outlook) account.

Apple users it's a little less straightforward but not bad. 

I mention these three because most people would likely use a Android or iPhone, and if they have a computer it would likely be Apple or Microsoft (OS) based so the above slots in good with what you may have. 

After you set up a new password on your Virgin Media account you also need to generate a new Virgin Media APP password  - Because Virgin Media have copy and pasted your old password into other systems (Monkeys).

If you do find all of this too bad and too much hassle you can phone them and they will set a password for you over the phone - But AFAIK they will not change the APP password, you could try because I would expect someone in VM Land to eventually learn how to do something. 

They call it an APP password because it's a external Application - This is really confusing using a term like that when people think of APPs as something you get on your phone.

I do not work for VM, but I would. It is just a Job.
Most things I say I make up and sometimes it's useful, don't be mean if it's wrong.
I would also make websites for them, because the job never seems to require the website to work.

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Thank you for your reply - but I solved the issue by using the "forgot my password" facility 😀

I don't really want to set up another email account now for various reasons - maybe in the future .