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Help- Virgin have closed my email address

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I should be very grateful for help with Virgin's latest attack on this long time customer's email arrangements.About 2 weeks or so ago I had to seek the Community's assistance because:-

  • our email had largely stopped working,
  • I had spent an hour on the phone with the Virgin IT help team who, despite the fact that I could use my email account through another routers (which I subsequently confirmed included my daughter's Virgin router) insisted that the problem was with our devices not Virgin or its kit;
  • as it looked as though Virgin had blacklisted at least my principal ntlworld email address , and with JCmacc's very helpful assistance through the Community I briefed Virgin about this situation through their complaints process for such problems ;
  • matters seemed to improve within a few hours, but very shortly thereafter it again became impossible to send emails from my principal ntlworld address and it seemed pretty clear that not all the incoming emails for that account were reaching my devices;other accounts seem to be working- at least to some extent;
  • I reported to Virgin the failure to solve the problem using that complaints process follow up procedure;
  • at about that time our Virgin router, which was supposed to provide,and had for about 6 years provided, two speeds started providing only the slower speed;
  • I tried resets without any effect;
  •  I have tried phoning 150 on several occasions but I get a recorded message that they are trying to solve broadband/TV problems in my post code area - this has been the response for almost a  week;
  • I have been in touch with a number of my neighbours in that area and while they have the usual ongoing Virgin problems none of them are having email difficulties and our TV is as normal ;
  • when I first raised this problem with Virgin one of the Community staff members was in touch via the Community asking if the original problem had been solved and  asking me to "pop back to us" at my earliest convenience ;
  • however when I did go back to him by message I received a message from the Community team that  I should not be contacting staff members directly- which was very disappointing because when I had a problem with Virgin's attempt to change my contract terms a year or two ago, more than one of the Community staff members were very helpful in sorting that problem out .


I just do not know what to do.My main email address still seems to be, in effect, blacklisted . I am sure that I  have missed  numerous of incoming emails and my router speed is much reduced, and possibly weakened .However Virgin will not speak to me about the problem which, in any event, do not seem to be directly related to the probelm that they are taking so long to solve.I feel taht theyy are just hoping that I shall give up and go away- but I shall not.


Any help will be much appreciated.Many thanks.





Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

A VM staff member will get to your post in a day or two, they work on a first come first served basis. Yes it is verboten to directly communicate with a staff member unless it is in response to a request from the, you cannot jump the queue.

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Many thanks.Understood re staff members-I have never approached them, always responding to their approach. That is why I was surprised that after the staff member had asked me to get back to him, my attempt to do so was rejected.

Hi craibh,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some issues with your emails. So I can get a few more details from you, I've sent you a private message.


On our wavelength

Many thanks Alex.Have replied to your message.