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Emails sent to me rejected

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I am a local Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) (Neighbourhood Alert now) Co-ordinator.  Yesterday, 30 April my status as 'co-ordinator' was cancelled. After asking why I was told my email provider (blueyonder platform) had been rejecting alert messages sent out and I do recall getting an SMS to this effect which I thought was spam. So I reported it as such to 7716.  Nevertheless the email address used seems to a bit hit and miss recently and I do wonder what other emails are being rejected back to the sender. In consequence I have instructed NHW to change my contact address to another email I use not being blueyonder.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @ianjayne 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums, it's great to have you here. 

We are so sorry to hear that you are facing an issue with your service and thank you so much again for posting. When you say the alert messages are they getting a bounce back notice or do the emails end up in spam?

I get the alert SMS message from the senders (NHW Alert) to my phone to inform me the broadcast email has bounced back to them which was sent to me about a matter and it has bounced back to them raising concerns about security. They do inform me this is common and indeed frequent to both Blueyonder and in fact NTLemails also.  Suggesting there is an issue with your system accepting from them.  They have no such issue with eg Gmail which is what I've changed my contact email address to with them to avoid any such future issue.

Hi @ianjayne 

Are they getting any error messages on the bounceback mails?

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No idea. I'll ask but no guarantee of any reply.  I've sorted my end out by moving the email address away, I would assume they'll be asking their host whoever that might be, it's a Gov matter I think. (ZENDESK)

Here you are from the sender:-

Looking in the logs it looks like the most recent errors have all been the following 5.2.0 where it looks to be that the content has been incorrectly flagged as spam: 
Email Delivery Failure smtp; 554 5.2.0 MXIN602 Message contains Spam Content ;id=1S3asqMHd14hv1S3asL7s8;sid=1S3asqMHd14hv;mta=mx8-prd-nl1-vmo;dt=2024-04-29T16:32:38+02:00;ipsrc=;

Hi @ianjayne 

Thanks for the update on this. Can we ask, when you have been sending email, have you been including various links or images to multiple recipients?



I don't have any current problems sending emails with or without links, images or attachments.  These are incoming group messages sent out to multiple recipients by the organisation.(NHW or NA) I do not send them anything except posting on the forum platform. However yesterday I was sent a totally unrelated link for some banking information by a totally unrelated sender and it too was rejected by your spam filters I'm told. It was then successfully sent by whatap.  This suggests your spam filters are set too keen I am told, (the sender works in IT). But, they don't stop other spam coming from elsewhere which I report to  (seems the Virgin Media address no longer works as they come back as undeliverable)

Looking at these forums it seems VM do have issues with numerous other email accounts.  There's a commonality there.



Hi ianjayne,

The group emails that are being sent, do they contain any attachments or anything?