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Email Issues on iPhone and Ipad

Joining in

Hello, I’m looking for help. I have an email address and I keep receiving a message on both my iPhone and iPad saying that there is an account error and that I should go to settings to validate the details. 

The incoming server is imap4.blueyonder and the outgoing is (using port 465). I have generated a 3rd party app password via my VM account and input that.

I cannot send or receive emails at the moment. Weirdly, my wife who has exactly the same settings on her iPhone as me isn’t encountering the same problems.

Any suggestions?


Tuning in

I have the same issue . I have tried deleting blueyonder from the 3rd party app but I can’t readd . Ihave generated an app for 3rd party mail apps and added it to account settings but it keeps saying “no password has been added for blueyonder account “ .  Ihave checked all the other imap / smtp settings many many many many times . I have gone through the process of generating the third party app also many times . I have tried copy and pasting , manually typing . Nothing has worked . Time wasting and Frustrating ! 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Webbmeister 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. Sorry to hear of any email issues. For a third party client, the way you access your email is changing. 

You need to log in to your online account and then go to account settings. Then click on Virgin Media Mail settings. Ensure it shows the correct email and then click Generate New App password. It's that password you'd need to use on the third party client.

Forum Team

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