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Can't log into my Blueyonder email

Joining in

I moved house in August 2023 & had to end my contract with VM as they don't supply broadband in the area i moved to.  This week i tried to log into my Blueyonder email to find that my password doesn't work, if i try to change my password it says my email is incorrect. I found out last night looking around on these forums that i can't keep my Blueyonder email if i'm not a VM customer, i was totally unaware of this.  I have had no emails from VM telling me that my email will no longer be accessible.  If i had know i would have moved all my emails over to a new email address.  This is my main email i use for everything. Does anybody know how i can get through to VM to ask them to activate my email just for a few days so i can forward my saved emails to a new address.

Thanks for your help 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Sarah5636

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

We're so sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your email address/account. It's correct that if it's not connected to an active broadband service then it will be deactivated and deleted. This typically happens within 90 days of the broadband service disconnecting, though in some circumstances it can take longer before it's picked up on the scan and then removed.

We also detail within our Terms & Conditions that the account will be removed following a service disconnection.

If you respond to the private message that I'll be sending to you shortly, we can take a look to see if there's anything that can still be done for you.


Zach - Forum Team
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