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Blueyonder E-Mail Not Working

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My blueyonder e-mail is not sending OR receiving via Outlook on my desktop computer. I get 'Cannot connect to the server'.

It is receiving on my i-phone and i-pad, but not sending.

I have generated NUMEROUS new passwords, but nothing seems to work, and doing a send and receive in server settings gets the response 'Something went wrong and Outlook couldn't save your account settings. Please try again'. Trying again always gets the same response.



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I have done this, generated NUMEROUS new passwords and my Blueyonder e-mail address is still not sending or receiving anything on my desktop, and receiving only on my ipad and iphone (that is, I'm not able to send anything).

Hi RayVB

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you seem to have having some trouble with your email account. 

Just to confirm, is your email account completely functional when signing in via our Webmail (through My Virgin Media)?

The first thing I would try is removing your account from Outlook and re-adding it again. 

You mentioned that you are able to receive emails via your iPhone and iPad - are you using the iOS app for emails on these devices?

Let us know


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My account works perfectly when signing in via Webmail.

I am using the mail app that is built into an iphone. If that is an IOS app, then yes I am.

The problem persists.

Try and open up the error message you get when you try and send an e-mail by Outlook.

See if it says anything about your IP being blocked.

If yes, the below is the route to get things fixed.


  • go to :
  • select Email Sending Errors from drop down list
  • Other from drop down list
  • copy and paste the error message into  Log evidence field
  • enter your name into My name field
  • enter email address into Email address field
  • select Submit button

Have you tried removing your account and re-adding it again?


Forum Team

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