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AutoForwarding / Auto Reply set up via Mobile App

Tuning in

Hi Folks,

I can not get in to my Blueyonder Account via laptop / web as still getting the Forbidden 403 since last year, despite changing my password.  My app on my Samsung Mobile can get in, but it does not appear to have the ability to set up the auto forward or auto reply functionality.

1. Can anyone help resolve this (if Virgin can not  fix the Forbidden 403 by themselves) or set up the auto forwarding / auto replies for me until the error is resolved?

2. When I changed my password, I did not bother with an auto generated password for my apps access as this was working. Is there a possibility that if I did the auto gen for mobile app access it would fix the web 403 laptop access error? (Crazy if that is the case, but obviously, I am loathe to do this as my app is my only access to emails).




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey jinshaw2, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear this.

If its working on the phone this is a good sign, however please follow the below; 

1. Log in to VM account

2. Account Settings> Virgin Media Mail Account settings> Generate New App Password, copy and paste (make a note - you will also need to enter the final password generated to access your account on Android and Apple device) (do not select DONE)>go back a screen (arrow top left of screen).

3.Go to Account Settings>Password - copy and paste new password, save. Log out. 

4 Repeats steps to 1 to 3 again two more times. (Remember make note of password generated by App)

5. Log in, access Virgin Media Mail from VM Account Dashboard. And fingers crossed all should work.

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Tuning in

Hi Matt.

As you are aware, I am terrified I lose my app access.   Just to confirm, you are saying that if I change my app access (which is working)  three times, it should fix my laptop web access (forbidden 403) problem?  Cheers, Jim

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @jimshaw2,

Thank your for your post and test we advise to do three times this is a known workaround, please keep us posted.