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What to do with scam texts (smishing)

Scam texts, often referred to as smishing, are texts received when scammers have disguised SMS messages to look like they’ve come from a legitimate company. Scam texts can also come from unrecognised ...


Remembering HowardML

I recently learned the sad news that one of our community VIPs, HowardML had passed away suddenly. I know I speak on behalf of our VIP members and our staff in saying that we will all miss Howard dear...


Safe online: Advice for parents of teens

If something is important to our teens, then they watch a video. Most teens turn to video content first when they want to keep up to date with their interests - and one-in-ten online 12-15 year olds ...


Safe online: Advice for parents of 11-13 year olds

Research shows that the average age a child gets a smartphone is between 10 and 11. At this age kids are socialising online, discovering and creating new friendship groups and activities. Unfortunate...


Safe online: Advice for parents of 6-10 year olds

44% of six-year-olds are going online in their bedrooms.* It's a digital world, and children are being encouraged to online at a young age, whether it's to access or submit homework, enjoy apps based...


Helping kids stay safe online

What is Digital Resilience? Giving kids a sense of control over their digital lives The amount of information, content, and contacts available at our fingertips is growing by the second. And if this g...


Brits Remain Unaware Of Mobile Security Risks

More than 9.4 million Brits have been victims of cybercrime, yet only a third have anti-virus software on their mobile phone Almost all Brits (94%) believe they should take data security seriously, y...


Safer Internet Day 2017

Today is Safer Internet Day 2017. Safer Internet Day 2017 A day where children’s charities, parenting groups, schools, government bodies and companies from across the world get together to promote a s...


Safer Internet Day 2017

It might not be the biggest date on the calendar, but today is Safer Internet Day 2017. This year’s theme is ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet’.    The aim of the day is all about highlighti...