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Sales Team 0800 183 6408

Joining in

I keep getting a call from the sales team which I don't mind as I'm due to renew my deal soon anyway so interested in what they are offering but as soon as I confirm my address to them they hang up.  

Does this mean they have no better deal for me or something,  it's frustrating when you do actually need to talk to a cold caller for once and they hang up on me.  I guess this is karma paying me back.



Alessandro Volta

You may be talking to VM sales or you may be talking to a scammer, using a spoofed VM number, who is simply trying to acquire personal info about you.

If you need to speak to VM about renewal make an outbound call to VM on one of the recognised numbers and go via the 'thinking of leaving us' option. Mostly recommended on here to try ringing in at 08:00 when the lines first open, if feasible, for the best chance of getting through with least delay.


Never be afraid to silently hang up on an a unexpected caller,  a scammer may well assume they have been rumbled and move on to the next more responsive number.

Up to speed

Well M8tey .. there is a website that you can have a butchers at...

https://.www.      to see if this can help and put you at ease a bit ... just sayin .. good luck 😁

throw some light on your call