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Rip off

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Anyone else feel ripped off my Virgin? Genuinely thinking they need to be investigated by Rip Off Britain and the BBC.


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Ofcom are monitoring 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Dialled in

yes totally being ripped of since 2nd of august we had issues with our services broadband drop outs every 3-4 mins,phone line loss ,tv service loss after so many attempts to fix it one engineer found that the cable from cabinet to house was at fault ,so after two failed promise appointment to come on the third they turn up to replace it.again the issues was still there and then on the 30/10/23 an engineer came out replace all cable and router service is up and running .phone virgin for compo they offered £20 we refused asked to speak to retentions they offered £20 we turn it down then they came back with £45 again we turn it down as this has been going on since 2 august to 30 october,made a complaint so we just been told it will take 48 hrs for an manager to call us back we will wait and see going like there return calls promises in the pass i won't waste mt breath.

so yes virgin customers are being ripped of

Alessandro Volta

@auroragoryalice wrote:

Anyone else feel ripped off my Virgin? Genuinely thinking they need to be investigated by Rip Off Britain and the BBC.

What's the reason for feeling ripped off by VM? I'm sure there are plenty to choose from! You may be able to get some advice/suggestions on here if you want to elaborate on the issues (although the 'Community Natter' forum does not often get replies from the VM forum team so posting a particular query in a different/relevant forum is often the best way to go on here).

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YES!! They sent me a text with a link to preview my new contract docs, when I clicked on it they have put me into a contract I did not discuss with anyone nor did I agree to it! They are now saying they can’t do anything about it because I agreed to it 

Alessandro Volta

If that is a genuinely new contract, you have 14 days to cancel and leave it without penalty.  If you do that right away you will very likely receive a more friendly renewal offer.

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