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Monthly Bill

Tuning in

In January 2023 my monthly bill amonuted to £89.00 on an 18 month contract.

In Janaury 2024 this has now come through at £111.00, an incrase of some 25%

Nothing has changed and I can't recall receiving any notificatoin of such an increase, and while much is said about the cost of living, such an increase is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

Can someone/anyone justify this increase?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Check your contract and the bottom of one of your pre-Jan 2024 bills - this will show the full, undiscounted, price of your package and details of any time-limited discounts you had.

I suspect you had discounts of £22/month (~20% is not unusual), which are expiring during Jan/Feb (depending on how your bill cycle falls) and - now that your minimum term has expired - you're now paying the same standard price but without any mitigation.

Post up a (suitably redacted) picture of your bill or contract if you're not sure. Your next step will be to price-up your chosen combination of services from VM and another supplier, and go through the renegotiation process.

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Alessandro Volta

When negotiating, bear in mind that there will likely be another rise in March/April, probably about 10%

- jpeg1
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