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Confirm ID of Door Salesman

Just joined

Today a door salesman turned up to discuss Virgin Media. His offers were exceptional, far better than anything posted online, and he made a very good case. I hope he is legit, but is there someone I can privately message to confirm his legitimacy? Didn’t get a name as he didn’t have any more cards left… but I do have his number if we can cross reference that. 


On our wavelength

Didn't have any cards left.  Warning, warning.  Do not proceed, do no pass go.  I personally have never heard of VM employing foot soldiers.

Up to speed

Yes it is over 6 months ago since the visit ..did you sign up on VM 's magic merry go round of telly broadband and comms ... some people have been promised the earth by these guys and come away to think again .. the good deals though never seem to get remarked upon ... I always tend to give these guys a wide berth .. you could have been fortunate and had a good deal sorted ... just saying ...😊