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An average speed cannot be "up to"

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In Virgin's latest price rise email they try to justify the cost increase with a number of points, one of which is: Broadband you can count on
You're on a network that's 99.86% reliable with packages available up to an all-you-can-stream average download speeds up to 1130Mbps.

"Up to" speeds are not average speeds. An average speed would be an exact figure, not "up to". I.e. my average speed was 30mph, not, my average speed was up tp 80mph. So yet again they try to con us with waffle to justify 8.8% price rises.

No mention of annual profits in their email either, wonder why not?



Dialled in

Absolutely true, but ‘marketing speak’, no?

But do you think VM made an annual profit? Do you have any idea of the level of debt they are in?

Fibre optic


VM has 6 million customers. If you extrapolate their revenue based on £50 average subscription value... 6,000,000 * £50 * 12months = 3,600,000,000 per year revenue.

That's 3.6 BILLION pounds revenue, per year. That's more than enough money to turn a profit.

Generally, you could be selling things at a 10000% profit margin and you can still be in debt if you milk all the money out of the business or ship it overseas or buy sports cars for the executive team.

Generally, a revenue generating business does not fall into debt because of some magical force pushing them down... They are in debt due to their poor management and cash wasting, and cash syphoning.

If I'm running a business, and I have 1 billion pounds left at the end of the year after paying all expenses/salaries, I can just suck 1.5 billion out of the business and tell everyone I'm in debt. And that's what most businesses do, no business wants to tell the revenues authority that they have 100billion pounds in their business account.

In order to successfully create artificial inflation year on year, a business needs to show that they "need" to increase prices, and inflatoin, by 8% every year. If they have 100billion pounds in the kitty, they cant say that they "need" to increase prices, and inflation.

Up to speed

Upto 1130 mbits, would depend on the package your on!

Your not going to get this speed on M100, M360 or M500 Simply not possible.

the 1 GIG package, yes it is possible. But you need to have the right equipment to be able to do so!

the Hub 5 has 4 eithernet ports 3x 1,000 mbit 960 dl average and 1x 2.5 Mbit, If you have a device with a 2.5 Mbit ethernet port & connect to the Hub using Cat5e or Cat6 cable  you should have download speeds in the 1130 range being an average ie 1100 to 1160.