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Free o2 Volt package sim included now being charge £25 for by o2

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We moved from Sky to Virgin in May. We were given a FREE o2 sim and were told that there isn’t any charge for the contract, I have this in an email too.

However, since the beginning of May, four £25 payments have come out of our account and we can’t get in touch with anyone at Virgin to get a refund or get this mistake resolved. O2 said if we cancel the sim, we would need to pay the full cancellation of the contract!!! 

We haven’t even activated the SIM card, it is sitting in a drawer!

We did not agree to pay for a SIM at £25 a month.

o2 customer services said this is an issue that Virgin need to fix but we can’t find a telephone number!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Falls74,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you are paying £25 for a Sim which you believed was free and came with the package.

All Volt deals come with a Sim which is charged separately however there is a credit added to your Virgin Media package to cover this, apologies if this wasn't advised, so I can help further and look into this for you I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received please click on the envelope to accept.



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I was recently moved to 02 automatically and was under the impression that nothing would change with my service or bill. I pay VM £113 each month for tv/phone/broadband/mobile all included, however, 02 are now also trying to charge me an additional £24.98 on top of that.

I have tried to explain to 02 customer services my phone is covered in my VM plan however they are unwilling to move on their stance and will not honor my contract with VM.

I have had no option but to now cancel my service with 02, which now leaves me with the question, why am I still paying VM £113 when they no longer cover my mobile service?

Would appreciate somebody looking into this.



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Had this issue a few months ago. A ‘very helpful’ employee changed my package and threw in the ‘free’ sim even though I said I didn’t want it! Long story,very short - yes, I was paying what he said I’d pay but what he failed to tell me was that he had set up a dd for £5 per month ( for the ‘ free’ sim I would never use), without telling me and hiding this by putting an extra letter into my email so the emails from o2 welcoming me to their service would never reach me! I escalated this via the retention button where I spoke to some horrified uk based staff who resolved the issue, cancelled the sim, refunded me the money and escalated the issue to their fraud department. Seems it’s still going on though …. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It was clearly stated in the letter I had:

"Since Virgin Media and 0 2 joined forces in 2021, we've been looking at ways to bring our customersthe best of what we have to offer. As part of this, we'll be moving your Oomph mobile services onto a 30-day rolling 0 2 sim plan on 30 August 2023.
Virgin Mobile already uses the award-w inning 0 2 5G network, so your coverage and phone number won't change. You'll also still be able to roam freely (up to 25GB) in at least 49 destinations. And as the changes will happen automatically, there should be nothing you have to do, but we'll be in touch if there is.
Your total Oomph package price remains the same. However, you'll now receive two separate bills - the cost of £25.00 for your sim will be billed by 0 2 and you will see £25.00 deducted from your cable bill, which will be billed by Virgin Media."

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Please can you help me as I have same issue as well 

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I actually thought it was a scam when I suddenly started getting threatening emails from o2 demanding money.  A free Pay as you go sim from Virgin Media from years ago - never asked for and never used.

And now o2 claim I have a monthly contract with them.  And owe them money.  They're asking me security questions that are unanswerable (how much is your contract for? when does your DD come out? Well there isn't a contract nor a DD...).  o2 have just suggested that if I pay the bill then they'll stop sending me threatening emails and I can ask Virgin for a discount - oddly enough I don't believe that is the way to sort this out! 

If anyone knows a contact I'd be very grateful

Great, I'm glad you had a letter.  First I heard was an email demanding money for a pay as you go sim that I had never asked for

I have exactly the same issue, being charged for a SIM I never wanted or accepted. Please advise how and who you contacted to get that sorted out. Thank you very much