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V6 in the Cellar

Tuning in

I am currently moving into a new property in August.

They currently have virgin media broadband hub installed in the Cellar.

In the Cellar they then have hardwire ethernet ports to each room room into the house.

They have CCTV running into the main living room plus another room from the Cellar as well.

 I am looking at what options I have potentially to have the V6 box installed next to the hub and be watchable in the living room, as currently there is no virgin wires installed in the living room.

Is this possible? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It should be possible. If you don't have a co-ax connection point where you want to use the V6, then you'll need a manned installation to put the cabling & connections inplace.

Others more familiar with the install pieces may have other gems, but I suspect you'll do wise to at least prep a suitable install route for the new cabling. Specifically, whether the new cable is split out externally or internally.

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Alessandro Volta

Don't allow the set up of a previous owner to dictate what you want. If you prefer to have the TV in the living room, then get VM to split the cable and install into the living room (which is almost certainly going to be easy as the termination box is probably outside). If there is an Ethernet wall socket in that room then it will be simple to connect an Ethernet cable to the V6. It should cost £25.

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