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Security certificate error message

Joining in

My mum has just got a v6 box and is unable to view any apps she gets a security certificate message.  Scrolling through all the boards I see a number of people had this issue about 3 weeks ago.  Anyone got any ideas on how to fix? 

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Exactly the same in Cardiff, the problem is obviously server side and nothing to do with our boxes.

Same here. You tube and Help. Happened around the same time. Symbols on the front of the router are flashing

Yep, seems it's a nationwide software issue, most probably their secure certificate has expired, or they're under a cyber attack. Either way not a good look for Virgin. 

Last night that message appeared just on YouTube and the help setting. This morning it's other apps too. Looking at all the comments here it looks like a widespread problem

I can access Youtube from my PC and like everybody else it's a no go with the Televison apps.

Hi all, 

We are aware of a certificate error message when trying to watch apps on our boxes.

This has been raised on F011194753. We'll have this fixed as soon as we can. 



Same here. Last night it was just youtube that was the problem. It happened quite suddenly,  Now this morning it's the other apps too. I can only get Netflix as well

Getting exactly the same here in Bristol. Prime works fine on my laptop but not on any TV 

I have the same thing in South Yorkshire,  I have a tivo box.  Have rebooted but to no avail.  Trying to report it is nigh on impossible.  They sent me a link which did not work..  does anyone know th number to call these days.  I have had trouble calling as 02 only seem to want to deal with broadband and mobile.  Any advice or good phone numbers appreciated. Thanks

Interestingly, I can access Prime by using the App on the TV, just not through channel 205