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Security certificate error message

Joining in

My mum has just got a v6 box and is unable to view any apps she gets a security certificate message.  Scrolling through all the boards I see a number of people had this issue about 3 weeks ago.  Anyone got any ideas on how to fix? 

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Same here, rebooted everything, no change. 

Same thing. Can’t see a solution posted. Never seen this message before. 

My apps have the security warning as well. It started this evening 

Netflix works fine but get a weird security warning when trying to watch you tube? 

Same here gateshead on youtube

Same here. Security certificate error message 

On our wavelength


Same here, re-booted, blamed the kids, clearly they aren’t guilty - not fun at 6am 

Will you let us know us know if you having any luck with the problem.i am having the same issue. It stated on Tuesday afternoon.

On our wavelength

Hi, this message appeared last night when trying to watch YouTube on our TV:

Security Error

This server could not prove that it is;its security certificate is not trusted by your computers operating system. This may be caused by a configuration or an attacker intercepting your connection. 
you should not proceed especially if you have never seen this warning before for this site

It then gives two options - Back to safety or proceed anyway but neither works. 

I’ve changed my Virginmedia password and rebooted the V6 box but hasn’t made any difference. 

can you tell me what’s wrong and what I need to do to fix it?