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Security certificate error message

Joining in

My mum has just got a v6 box and is unable to view any apps she gets a security certificate message.  Scrolling through all the boards I see a number of people had this issue about 3 weeks ago.  Anyone got any ideas on how to fix? 

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Hi Mod team, I was given that ticket number, on Monday, by customer services, said it would be fixed on the 13/03/2024 12:03 services status, was showing amber, Wednesday came and went no fix, services status now showing green, saying no  known issues in my postcode, spoke to Customer services, again told me the ticket number,now closed.

I have had this problem for 2 weeks. All 4 engineers that you have sent out which has included in 3 new boxes being installed said that no one at Virgin Media seems to be able to figure out why the message has appeared and don't know how to fix it! Only reason I can now access the apps is because after a lot of discussions on the phone to VM it was agreed that I would be upgraded to the 360 and the charge for the upgrade would be waived. 

Maybe something virgin media needs to consider looking into as it seems that even your own engineers don't like the v6 

I get same message when trying to access help settings menu

Had new V6 box today engineer said this is a known issue but VM not sure what is causing it

Thankfully everything is working ok but i can't access menu to pair remote with my TV as this is blocking the help menu??

On our wavelength

IPlayer has finally re-appeared tonight. Now I’m just waiting for my apology and bill reduction. I won’t hold my breath………….

On our wavelength

Fixed on Friday.....positive it was a corrupt box image from the provisioning service. Hence why it seems to be associated with replacement boxes. Anyhow very nice lady rang me following submission of an official complaint form to offer compensation and also to tell me it was caused by a "technical" issue...which I told her smacks of a mistake by someone in IT. 

Hello Alan_B.

Thanks for your post confirming the security certificate error message has now been resolved.

We did run a full investigation to get this issue resolved for the customers that were affected. 

If you need anything else at all. Please let us know.