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Virgin TV 360 Mini Boxes

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I already have Virgin broadband and I am thinking of moving to 360 from Sky Q and currently have 2 mini boxes. The Sky Q mini boxes only need power and WiFi and although I was assured by sales department that mini boxes only need power cable, research on this forum tells me that coaxial cable is also required. My broadband goes into my home via the lounge where the main 360 box will be located. My question is on the installation of the mini boxes that I need in the kitchen and bedroom - I assume I will need a coax feed from the lounge and will the engineer install as discreetly as possible, or just get it done the quickest way possible?

Thanks for any help and experiences.


Community elder

You will be able to discuss this with the engineer, he might be able to split the feed externally and run around external walls and then into the locations you require depending on your property.

You are correct that the mini boxes require a coax connection for live TV and preferably an ethernet cable to the hub, but a good Wi-Fi signal will be OK for everything else.