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TV360 lost all recordings

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Our TV360 apparently overnight has lost all recordings and planned recordings. Is this something that has happened to others? Before anyone asks, no we did not do a factory reset by mistake.

Nothing shows up, other than "you have no recordings or scheduled recordings" message.

We updated to TV360 about a month ago. I have to say this system is pretty poor. Navigation is crap, I dont want to talk to my remote - setting up series links, rubbish, records every episode and no option to only record new episodes. Scrolling through the guide is awful. Can I go back to the old system?


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We are on Build 4.46

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Sounds to me like your box is faulty, not all V6 boxes have taken to the 360 update. You could try a factory reset.

If you have lost all your recordings and series links you will have nothing to lose by selecting option 2.

You are given 2 options, you could try option 1 first and see if they come back someone said they did but I would be surprised.

Keep Recordings
Format Disk

If it does it again then you will need to call 150 from your Virgin phone, mobile or landline, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone to report a fault.

When phoning choose the option to report a fault, then ignore all the options offered and you should then be placed into a queue to speak to someone.

When setting recordings select the Advanced options, one of the options is New Only.


Hi jarramackem,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've had with your Tv box. 

Can you confirm if you have been able to record anymore programs and if so, have they been deleted?


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Had same issue around the same time as you. Recordings and planned recordings deleted.

Now recordings are being saved and i can plan recordings. 

Same Issue with recordings happened a few weeks ago to many people according to reports.

Yes there may be issues with some boxes that are struggling to be compatible with 360, but it would be a bit a coincidence for many people to experience same issue on same day.  Surely it could be a software update that is causing this issue to multiple users ?


We have tried a few recordings and they worked. Still not happy though. As the poster said below, it is strange that a few happened at the same time - surely a warning of some sort should be displayed if the box is going to reset or update.


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Hi jarramacken,

Happened to me 5 times in 5 weeks after I upgraded my V6. There is supposed to be a fix but you need to record something so you can apply it. After you have recorded something you need to go to recording where there is a box that says manage space. Click on that select the 3rd option & turn to off. It didn't work for me but that the fix they will tell you. I agreed with your opinion of TV360 and all the faults you noted, after many calls & hours spent on the phone they finally agreed to replace my upgraded V6 with a V6. With the tech meant to come to replace not turning up for the appointment they sent me out a V6 which I received 2 days later. Set up myself in 1/2 hr & have been TV heaven for a week & half.

Hi @jarramackem,

Thank you for your post and I am sorry you are having issues with your recordings, can you confirm if you have also upgraded? As upgrading your box from v6 to 360 will mean your box, gets factory restored to the new software.



As I said in my original post, we upgraded over a month ago, so went through setting up all our recordings again only to lose the lot.

I've had nothing but trouble with VM since the middle of January. 

How do we know this wont happen again and again?


Hi jarramacken,

As you I upgraded my V6 in January & had the same problems & kept on asking to downgrade or a new V6 box. VM said this wasn't an option as they now only install TV360 boxes. After this had happened for the 5th time in 5 weeks & the 1st time after I had applied the fix mentioned in an early post that was supposed to stop your recordings & planned recordings from being erased. I called VM & was past from person to person till I ended up speaking to some in sales, who told me if I upgraded my package of broadband, tv & phone that would require me to pay more I could have a V6 box with no problem. I asked to speak to retentions but he passed me through to faults who said the earliest a tech could call was Wednesday I told them this was unacceptable. They said retentions go home earlier on a Sunday, thanked them for their "help" and put the phone down. Made a formal complaint on the website, where they ask how you would like to resolved the issue. I asked for a senior manager to call me. Received a text instead saying "sorry we haven't been able to speak with you please call us". In between receiving the text I called up at 8.00am & the person I spoke to was a good person & he arranged for a tech to call & bring a V6 box so I was slightly mollified. I then called when I received the text & that person said they would make sure that the tech would have a V6 box. I then got the same text message the next 2 days. VM obviously have problems with their software & not just on the TV360 box. The person I spoke to on Monday morning called me back on Friday to check everything was ok, he had read the notes & asked why I had it sent by courier when he had arranged for a tech to call. When I told him the tech never turned up he said immediately that they owed me £25 as that what they charge if you aren't in. Asked if I was now satisfied I said no with having my recordings & time spent on the phone we agreed on a further sum all of which has been credited to my account. The person that arranged for my V6 to be sent out also called to make sure everything is ok. I suggest that you insist on having a V6 box or cancel your package as they aren't giving you the service you are paying for. Amazing how quickly they find a V6 box.