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Dolby atmos dropouts

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Hi all, since purchasing a new dolby atmos compatible surround system, I've noticed an annoying issue with channels outputting dolby atmos. 

What happens is the sound with seemingly dropout for a split second, my speakers will let out a bassy pop like a football being kicked is the best way to describe it and the display on the audio device will scroll atmos to show its picked up on the atmos feed again.

It doesn't do it on regular channels and doesn't seem to be a fault with the system itself as I can watch Netflix, Plex Disney+ etc using either the tvs built in apps or using yhr Google TV that's also plugged in so seems to be narrowed down to the v6 box on the uhd channels with dolby atmos audio unfortunately.

It's really annoying as the sound is such a bassy pop I'm worried it will damage the speakers, not to mention its upsetting the dog! 

Anyone else having this issue or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @JamesyJam 

You've mentioned the V6 box, but posted in the 360 forum.

If you do have a 360 then check the 360 sound settings

For Sound issues go to Setting > Audio & Video > Audio Output > there are options > Follow Content, PCM 5.1 (HDMI only), and PCM 2.0
Choose whether you want the audio output to follow the quality of the original content (Dolby Digital where available) or to be converted to PCM 2.0 (stereo) or PCM 5.1 (uncompressed multi channel sound). Using PCM settings may resolve audio sync issues. Netflix will always use Follow Content. Use 'Follow Content' for any bitstream audio like Atmos where it's available on content.

If you are using a sound bar try connecting the 360 to a TV HDMI port without ARC. If you are connected to a HDMI ARC connector on the TV try connecting to a non ARC HDMI connector, using ARC has been a problem for some people. Also if you are using  fibre optic straight from the 360 to your sound bar then set Dolby to Follow Content.

Also look under Settings > Audio & Video > Match frame rate >  This can be set to off or on.  Try turning it off/on.  It's normally used to prevent blank screens appearing when the box switches between resolution formats, but can also help prevent sound dropouts

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Hi mate, thanks for replying, it is a v6 box but was upgraded to 360 quite some time back apologies for the confusion. 

The soundbar is connected via hdmi arc but the 360 box is connected to the TV directly rather than the soundbars hdmi pass through.

Audio output is set to follow content but I have toggled them a few times, currently watching sky sports uhd (533) so far no drops but I've only noticed it in by sport ultimate and sky sports main event uhd

I've just toggled the match frame rate option so thanks for that tip! 

If your soundbar has an HDMI input for your 360 you should use it. HDMI ARC is an inferior solution for those with inferior soundbars.

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Hi and sorry to dredge up such an old post but I've just bought a Philips Fidelio B95 soundbar to go with my Samsung QE65QN800C telly. I haven't set it up yet but was going to plug my PS5 and Virgin 360 boxes i to the TV then connect the TV to the soundbar via ARC. Are you saying it will be best to connect the PS5 and 360 directly into the only 2 HDMI inputs on the bar and then connect to TV from HDMI (ARC) (OUT) to the TV? 

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Ignore that guy's post. Arc and e-arc are plenty good enough. If you have a full amp with multiple hdmi 2.1 inputs then great, plug everything into that  For anyone interested I fixed my issue replacing the hdmi cable 🙂 

Agree with JamesyJam my LG TV and soundbar are connected using eARC with no problems just make sure you have V2.1 HDMI cables earlier versions don't support eARC and HDR.


Alessandro Volta

My suspicion is that a source such as a 360 should be plugged into the Fidelio's HDMI IN and you connect the other HDMI IN to the TV's HDMI 1, hopefully resulting in passthrough of video. Give it a try and come back and tell us what happened.

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So PS5 and Virgin 360 box into HDMI 1 & 2 on the telly, then telly to soundbar via ARC is as good as it gets?

Bought 2 of these today


Not sure why I only bought 2, I guess I'll need another one 😁

Cheers, will do. I'll get another cable tomorrow and try both ways.