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TiVo box error code c133

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Hi There..

I have been having issues with my TiVo box which is connected to broadband box. Since Christmas day keep getting the screen freezing in the menu page with error code c133...and after re booting several times I can get to channel screen but all the channels show to be confirmed and then it freezes again. I have been into the website and carried out all the procedures to try and solve this problem but ended up just using my smart TV...The next day or two it then seems to work ok for a couple of days and then freezes again.

In desperation I rung the dreaded customer services yesterday evening and eventually got through to speak to someone but unfortunately I found it very difficult to understand what they were saying as the customer service phone line is very poor audio quality and had to keep requesting the advisor to repeat himself. I then again had to follow the instructions given to me by him which incidentally are the same as I have already done numerous times the the on line self help page  and the issue is still not resolved...he then took me through the process three times before he said he has passed it onto technical team to call me. But he was unable to say when that would be. 

Given that I repeatedly keep loosing my TV service I have to ask what I am paying for. My neighbours are not having this problem so clearly there is an issue with the cable or the hardware provided. Can anyone advise as to how long I have to keep loosing my service before I can get the problem solved. As an afternoon I have turned on the TV today and still have the same issue.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Can you confirm it's definitely a TiVo you have? And not a V6... check the photos on this page 

TiVo's don't use your home broadband, are extremely elderly by current standards and are fault-replaced with V6 as a matter of course.

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