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Technicians - Really Brilliant Moses in Banstead

Joining in

Moses the technician that came out to us was really helpful and got our problem sorted out really quickly - glad we have the technicians that know what they are doing.

Customer Service Department at Virginnedia are absolute rubbish and try and fob you off by telling you to do this and that with your TIVO box when you know it is not working and had one really rude operator telling me she was the supervisor when I asked to speak to her superior - she claimed she was the supervisor - you need to get back to basics and leave the job to people who know what they are doing - hope I don’t gave to deal with rude customer service people again as we are the customer and should be treated with respect.

Thank you Moses the technician for sorting us out most appreciated.

Ann G


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Birthday1234 

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Really happy to hear Moses has helped resolve the service issues you were experiencing and you're happy with their visit. It's disappointing to hear that you didn't get the same overall experience when speaking with the team. If you do have any further concerns at all, please do come back to us on the forums as we can help with most things technical and account support if needed. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

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Would be better to keep Customer Service inhouse as customers are not listened to when they phone and the operator tried to fob you off - the technicians are the ones that do all the hard work and know what they are doing 

Thanks for the additional feedback! We appreciate you taking the time to send this over. 

If you are looking for us to raise a formal complaint so we have a record of your comments and can discuss a resolution just let us know. 
Hopefully all the issues with your service are now sorted, there are no further problems in future 🤞

Let us know if there's anything outstanding you need our help with. Wishing you all the best. 🌞