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What was your first computer?

I recently reminisced about my first computer, an Amiga 600 in the mid-90s. I'm sure you've all had some weird and wonderful systems over the years, but what was the first? What was good (or not so good) about it? Personally I loved playing Settlers ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Anyone with a Starlink Account

HelloSo I have a new Starlink for our motorhome and I cannot log into my account to manage it via my Virgin Internet connectionI have a Hub5+ and the only way I can sign in is to disable the 5+ firewall.With the firewall on I get this reply at the lo...

schphase by Tuning in
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Scam call from Virginmedia Coventry.

This morning had a call claiming someone was trying to get £300 and £1000 from my Bank account, not mentioning the Bank. Did a 1471 to get phone number, that gave me 02476 7234xx, did a who called me - said it was virginmedia Coventry. Then decided t...

Pete-C by Joining in
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Coaxial cable lifespan

Does anyone know what the anticipated lifespan is of VM's buried coaxial cabling?I am aware that a long term project has begun to upgrade the cabling by 2028 but some of the legacy cabling will already be decades old. For example the relevant manhole...

Samsung remote stopped working after replacing Router

Hay guys, I replaced my router and the universal remote function has stopped working for Virgin on my Samsung tv.I done a network test and the port configuration has come up with the following ports need opening, 80, 8080, 7287, 7288, 8081.  I think ...

marv1 by Joining in
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Migrating from UPP

As an Upp broadband customer I have been underwhelmed by the support offered from Virgin after their take over. Upp FTTP was installed at my premises last year and within 4 months my contract was ripped up and I was asked to sign up with Virgin. No p...

JG10 by Joining in
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Heads Up! Microsoft Account bricked my sister's laptop

My sister put Microsoft Account (MA) on her computer and hasn't been able to log in to her laptop, due to it failing.  I asked her (wrongly) to delete the account; and to be fair she did.  However, that didn't make the inability to log in go away, an...

Virgin Hub 5 and TP Link Port not connecting

Hi my whole house is connected to Cat 5 cables - virgin hub is connected to a TP Port (24 ports), the port has ethernet cables running to the various rooms.  I used to have Virgin Hub 3 which was connected to the TP LInk port and everything was worki...

Jagruti1 by Joining in
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verification code

how do i find out if emails are quarantined and if they are how do i release them?  

dannyc1 by Joining in
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