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What was your first computer?

I recently reminisced about my first computer, an Amiga 600 in the mid-90s. I'm sure you've all had some weird and wonderful systems over the years, but what was the first? What was good (or not so good) about it? Personally I loved playing Settlers ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Resolved! Netgear WNDR 3700 v2 with Virgin

I know it's an old router but it has served me so well with BT. I signed with Virgin Broadband today and plan to put hub in modem only mode and hook this router to it. I have quite a network of switches and stuff so easier to do this. I have a wifi a...

Resolved! DNS updates resolved for all other ISPs bar Virgin Media

Hi Guys,It was suggested I post in here for support. I am having a problem with a website is manage. - I have recently updated the website to run behind Cloudflare and have updated the name servers to point to Cloudflare's name...

drewdan by Tuning in
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Internal cabling???

I have regular tv points on either side of sitting room. Currently Virgin Media comes in from the road (near one point) and is cabled across the room around a door where tv is (near other tv point). Is there any way I can use these points to connect ...

Ms1987 by Joining in
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By sport 3 channel issues

Anyone having intermittent pixelation and picture break-ups on BT Sport 3 channel (529).  The football tonight is almost unwatchable. All other channels are fine.I think I’ve experienced similar issues with this channel previously- any answers? thank...

GeoffW by Tuning in
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Resolved! Cant connect to

HiFor some reason, over the last week or so i cannot for the life of me connect to set as my home page, but i get auto directed to

jaywas by Joining in
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Gadget support

Does anyone know how to cancel gadget support? Signed up to it to get my internet fixed it didn't work and got a new router eventually but now I've been charged for the support? Virgin says if it wasn't fixed in 7 days I wouldn't be charged? 

Yasmin13 by Joining in
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