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What was your first computer?

I recently reminisced about my first computer, an Amiga 600 in the mid-90s. I'm sure you've all had some weird and wonderful systems over the years, but what was the first? What was good (or not so good) about it? Personally I loved playing Settlers ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Resolved! 360 remote pairing to tv

Hi, does anybody know how to pair a 360 remote to a technica TV?i’ve put in the model number as it asked , doesn’t find a thing and it won’t pair up itself. Is there another way that I can get it to pair up?

HELP! Disconnected service

Hi everyone so my services aren’t working and my tv says setting up your channels but my Wi-Fi isn’t working either on phones tablets tv etc: I tried to phone couldn’t get through I spoke to someone on what’s app who tried resetting it multiple times...

Resolved! Hub or Modem?

Hi Everyone, I haven't been on here for years so please be gentle.  I have had a home office built in the garden for my daughter.  An ethernet cable has been installed to it and is working.  There has been a longstanding issue with the signal (at hom...

Virgin and O2

What exactly is the link between virgin and O2? My mobile is with O2 and the reception in my house is dreadful. Is there any way to improve this ? 

Resolved! Cannot connect Hive SLT3c thermostat to iPhone

I changed my internet provider from BT to Virgin Media during the summer. Now that the weather is cooler I want to be able to control my heating from my iPhone/iPad as I could when with BT.  I’ve spoken to a helpful guy at Hive who insists that I sho...

RoGo47 by Joining in
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Bought a movie

Where do find my bought movies on media store? I bought a movie in media store but cannot find it anywhere now. It wasn't rent. 

Resolved! RouterOS

As a software developer and network admin of 4 children I was thinking of investing in a routerOS router so I can customize it to how I prefer (parental restrictions, load balancing/bandwidth caps etc). Has anyone got experience with it or could give...

elizab by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Can I find my router external IP address remotely?

I am away from home and think Virgin may have changed my WAN IP (external) address.  This happens very infrequently but means I cannot access a device remotely right now.  Is there a way to see the WAN IP address remotely?  I think the answer is "no"...

GRC by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Netgear WNDR 3700 v2 with Virgin

I know it's an old router but it has served me so well with BT. I signed with Virgin Broadband today and plan to put hub in modem only mode and hook this router to it. I have quite a network of switches and stuff so easier to do this. I have a wifi a...