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I have used the Virgin TV Go App in the past with no issue.

The Virgin TV Go App on iPad now appears to be basically unusable. Most of the paid for channels do not appear on the channel list, message 1102 or 1003 cannot access or play this at the moment when attempting any channel access, device re-registering the iPad after reloading the app doesn't actually accept the device, rebooting the box doesn't work. Customer support tried something yesterday that allowed me access to TNT sport but this morning not working again. The app is a disaster, and most of the customer support queries relating to poor access as above are responded to by customers, with service staff simply suggesting we try what the customers suggest, with no actual confirmation that problems exist. or provision of genuine solutions.

Question, Can Virgin support confirm if is there a known issue using iPad's (or models of iPads or iPad software versions) with the App since the previous App upgrade. if yes what are those issues and what if any are the known solutions that actually work (not simply try this and fingers crossed)    


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Solihullpeps,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

We are sorry that you are having this issue with using the TV Go app, are you able to confirm with this is it only select few channels that do not work or is it an issue across all channels? Can you also confirm the make and IOS of the iPad?