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What`s going on with it , since the last update tv on the go has become stuttery ,clunky and when watching football has become unwatchable , Sky sports player works perfectly, bbc player perfectly as they have stand alone players , TNT Viaplay and all ITV and mostly ALL of the channels have been rendered useless , i subscribe to all these channels yet unable to watch online which wasn`t the case before update , I wanted to tune into the liverpool game tonight and because of this player i`m unable to watch unless i view an illegal stream , which are far better than virgins player , This viewing online was a major stipulation of mines when taking out virgin as my wife is disabled and watches the set top box , if this is not fixed soon then i will be reviewing my contract , tried online tried app, chrome, edge, mozilla  all the same, perfect on my phone but i`m mid 50`s `and have cateracts so that`s ruled out 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello keefburtains


Sorry to hear of the TVGo issues experienced when watching content, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


Were you trying to watch the content on a mobile or desktop device? When did you notice the issues start?


We'd recommend ensuring that the app is up to date across all of your devices, please also ensure that any other updates required for the devices are also completed. There is help here for TVGo.



Trying to watch on a desktop and the problems were after the last update , all other media players are fine as they`re external which suggests its not my computer , also general navigation when switching channels and browsing live tv, volume controls also screen expansion are all very clunky and sticky and unresponsive 

Thank you for the response  

Hi @keefburtains 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

Is this on the desktop app or through a browser? If it's a browser can you try another, or clear cache/cookies and re-try for me?

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Hi , sorry for the delay in answering, i have tried 3 different browsers to no avail , all are up to date and cache is cleared , the app i have the same problem with which is up to date also , every external media player i use is perfect but not so with virgin`s player , my Pc is a few years old but in this age of ecoligical issue`s and the throw away culture why should virgin tell me my pc is too old and need to replace it when it works perfectly 

If you could see what i have to put up with every member on this board would tell me it`s unwatchable 

I think virgin need to re evaluate their systems as i seem to be seeing the same attitude as the post office scandal ,"nothing to see here ,run along"(not aimed at anyone on here)

Thanks for coming back to us. 

Do you find this happens on everything you watch?

Forum Team

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Sorry for the delay in reporting, back yes this does happen on all browsers and app but perfect on my phone , which as stated earlier is not an option for me, also getting the re register syndrome that`s doing the rounds and due to age cache is change in my pocket  

Thanks for coming back to us keefburtains. I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,