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On our wavelength

When i try to watch a sports channel on my PC i can watch it for a few minutes and then it just stops and i get a blank black page and it says (Sorry-we can't play this at the moment 3015) this is happening all the time now, this has been happening for a few weeks now before that it has always worked.


Yeah you can't use the sports app. I used to subscribe to tnt sports directly and their streaming worked perfectly for years. Watching through virgin tv go has been nothing but pain! I think I'll cancel and go back to directly subscribing with tnt sports so that I can use their apps instead.

It was good when two sports are on different channels so i could watch one on the TV and the other on the PC and cast it to my TV in the kitchen but that's not going to happen now.

Hi @Steve721, thank you for your posts.

When you try using the TV Go app, are you having the exact same experience?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


Hi Daniel

I have tried to  download the TV Go app onto my chrome PC but it says (no eligible devices for app install) although it works OK on my mobile which is a chrome browser.

On our wavelength

Just to add to what i said in the last post it seems i already have TV go on my PC which has always worked until a few weeks ago, but as i said myself and other people are having the same problem.

Thanks for coming back to us @Steve721, does your desktop currently require any software updates to be completed at all?

Are there any possibly firewalls or anti-virus software installed that may contribute to the content being blocked?



On our wavelength

No it is the same as it was before this started a couple of weeks ago and everything is up to date , if you look at other posts from other customers they are having the same problem as me.

Thank you @Steve721 

We were aware of this issue and the teams have been working to restore this, it has been reported as resolved since your post can I ask if the issue is still occurring for you now?

Touch wood everything seems back to normal now and had no problems so far, Thanks Ashleigh...