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Joining in

I have no Online Security section in my Account Settings, how do I access these safety controls?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Xgm2357, 

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to our Community Forums 🤗
If you log into your online account through a web browser, go through to  Account settings > Online security > then from this page you can see and manage Web safe. 

If your websafe option is off, then the toggle will be greyed out.  You can change this by clicking on the toggle to switch on or off when needed. 
If you have any issues turning the settings on/off then please let us know.



Thanks Meg, but when I go to Account Settings there is no Online Security option, only Account Details or Device authentication?

Is it just not there or greyed out xgm2357? If it is greyed out, is the toggle available mentioned by my colleague?

Hi Robert, it's not greyed out - it's just not there (neither are my Account Number or Area Ref, if that's releveant?)

Thanks for letting us know, can you please send a screenshot of what you can see. Ensuring that no personal details are showing?



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Hi @xgm2357,

Is this still missing today? If so, can you try downloading and using the app instead to see if the issue is also present there?

If it is, can you try a different device such as a PC or laptop?



Zach - Forum Team
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Joining in

I've used the app and a laptop, and it's still missing on both

Hi @xgm2357 thanks for your reply - that is very strange.

Have you moved addresses since you've been with us and has this happened during the move? Is there anything you need us to alter from our side for you until this is resolved? Please let us know.

Many thanks