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Unable to access Online Security settings

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I am unable to access Online Security settings in my account. I am the main account holder, logged in successfully, I can see other settings fine.

I tried via the website on my laptop, I also tried via the app on my phone - same error whichever way I try:

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 10.26.32.png

No matter what I do I can't get to the page.

Please help.


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I cannot even see what the settings are to know if I want them on with defaults or not - I appreciate the offer but after waiting for 6 weeks already it seems odd to enable settings blindly.

I now have 2 complaints outstanding - the first two problems I've had both dealt with poorly.

Hi scott28tt, 

Thanks for coming back to us in the Community. 

I can see you've already sent a private message to my colleague who was originally helping you to resolve this. 

We'll leave this with them to avoid multiple agents working on the same thing 🙂 They will be in touch with you when back on shift.


Forum Team

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Do I win a prize for not having a successful resolution to an issue accessing what is a basic and essential function of any broadband account?

It's been well over 2 months since I first created the post, and it seems that not a single person in VM knows what to do about it.

Hi @scott28tt, we understand your frustration.

I can see my colleague is dealing with this via private messages. Please continue to liaise with him about the matter. 


That's all very well and good Daniel, but after all this time I'm still not getting anywhere.

I had a call today from some in "the technical team" who told me that the issue was resolved, asked me to check, then had to ask me what error I had been receiving in the first place - how the hell they can resolve an issue that they don't even understand is totally beyond me.

They also wanted to reset my password so they could try and login as me - that's just ridiculous!

I will also send this in the PM conversation I've been having - I'll tell everyone at VM however I see fit as you are all unable to help me anyway.

And now we are back to absolute silence, both here and in my PMs.

Another week passes, NOTHING!!!!

Time to seriously consider another provider?