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  I have just got the stream box and have been trying to add sky and tnt sports to it with no luck.I had a live chat about it yesterday for an hour but they couldn't do anything their end,also online through my virgin media,the tv subscription app and from the channel itself.

  Can anybody help get these channels added,for me it seems impossible at the moment.







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I've had the same problem for months! They even went as far as to charge me for a TNT sports package for 3 months when I didn't have it.

As soon as you try to sort it via chat or phone call you just get fobbed off to the next person.

Poor service. Thankfully my contract ends in August so I won't have this issue soon

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Patricklock, without any information about what you've tried and how VM have tried to help you, it's going to be hard to advise – you're giving us nothing here. However, if you have just received the puck, it could be that it hasn't been correctly connected to your account. See here as I had a similar experience.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @patricklock,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to see you have had this issue, can you confirm if you still have this or if the advise posted here has been able to help you with this?


Hi,after loads of online and phone chats.I find out i can't add anything to the stream tv,all because i have essentials broadband.Why couldn't i have been told this before and i wouldn't of got this.

  So finding this out on friday morning,i contacted sky about there stream box and wheather it could connect with my hub.So yes it can,i ordered it and by saturday morning it was up and running.Wish i had done it ages ago.

  I have been a virgin tv customer for decades,so you have lost me as a customer because of your stupid rules.

  I would of got rid of broadband also but sky has really bad broadband in Luton so not worth changing it for now,but that may change in time.

  So Virgin your customer care has been so bad this last week or so,with me being told different things by different people and having to waste hours contacting you.The whole experience was horrible !!





Patrick, it's only the lowest 15Mbps Essential broadband that can't get Virgin Stream. On the next tier of 54Mbps Essential broadband, you can connect Stream for a one-off charge of £20. See However, the first level phone help from Virgin is dire at the moment, and seemingly very undertrained in knowing what's actually on offer at any one time.

Hi ,yes i had the 54 mbps broardband and stream box,so had the basic TV channels like freeview but could not add anything else like Sky,TNT sports.So it wasn't worth having the stream box at all,The stream box is now in a cupboard and probably not seeing the light of day again!

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Sounds about right. I can't even get them to send me a puck, let alone add sky sports. 

Total bunch of Muppets. 

I'll just have to go back to paying sky double, but at least I'll get the service I want

That error would be nothing to do with whether you had Essentials broadband or not, it would be to do with your puck not being correctly linked to your account, as I said in another post in this thread. I also directed you to a thread where I had the same experience.

Thanks for coming back to us @patricklock,

We would confirm that what has been advised is correct - as the essential broadband packages, with or without Stream are available to low income users and are not designed for customers to simply make a potential saving on a package previously in place. 

Virgin Media offers their Essential Broadband packages to ensure low income customers have a basic working connection to ensure that they have every possibly to ensure all broadband relation functions can still be undertaken.

We would also need to ensure that as a business, Virgin Media is a responsible lender and would not want to put further financial burden on a customer who has proven, via the required checks, that they qualify for a service that is at a discounted price due to the low income advised.