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XGS-PON Gig1 Symmetrical upload speed addon

Tuning in

Has anyone had any luck adding the symmetrical upload speed addon to existing XGS-PON Gig1 package?

Been on with support @ 03454541111 for 50 mins and they're struggling with it, advisor said I'm the first XGS-PON customer she's had.. 

Just having to escalate as a complaint as not getting anywhere


Accepted Solutions

Tuning in

Finally got this sorted, guy on Hub5 team (really helpful guy) put a message through to IT team and rang me back

For anyone else in case this helps, they moved me from package ‘Gig1 Full Fibre Broadband’ to ‘Gig1 Full Fibre Broadband. - Discount - Upload speed add-on’

See where this Helpful Answer was posted


Tuning in

It seems they don't like to have a complaint raised under their name..

Original operator transferred me to hub 5 team

Transferred me to retentions

Transferred me to customer services

Now want to transfer me to Hub 5 team

Got through to a really helpful lady in the UK who stuck with the issue and did a lot of digging (instead of just transferring!), unfortunately still unable to apply symmetrical through so is having to raise a query with commercials and get back to me

Tuning in

It's not easy! I got symmetric speed added eventually but it isn't straightforward and may cost you. You can read about the experience in another of my posts 🙃

I got it added. It took a few attempts. My theory was I had to wait until there were no recent changes on my account and I was in a new billing period.

Ah I've just had a read of your thread.. looks like I'm in for some pain. It's disappointing they can't process addons like other large companies i.e.,  Self-serve add/remove as you choose, no phone calls

You may have a point there, I've not yet paid my first bill so it might be worth trying during next billing period

On our wavelength

So i Am on the 1Gig service just like you,

Just to confirm you managed to get the Symmetrical speeds Add on activated on your account a 1gig service 

Can you confirm this is the case please and how best i get this added 

Cheers T

I’ve still not managed to get mine sorted. Waiting on a call back from customer relations. I did get a voicemail a couple weeks ago to say they were awaiting a response from the dedicated team. 

I was able to get the symmetrical speed addon this morning. I used the online chat and it was activated within a few minutes.