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Spam Email ?

Joining in

Hi I have just received this email which I suspect to be spam / phishing.

I did (supposedly) update my package at the weekend, so I am now wondering also if that email from is genuine

Body of message (numbers changed)

Re: Challenger Rapid Testlab - Volt SIMS - CH2069xxxxxx (KMM114074xxxxxxxxxx0KM)

From: Virgin Media Websales <>

Online order reference: 

Hi there,

You're in! Thanks for placing your order with Virgin Media.

We are pleased to confirm your request has now been fully actioned and your special bundle offer of <input offer e.g. 2 for #20> has been applied, saving you even more money than you thought on your Virgin Media services.

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team

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My Virgin Media

Contact us




Please do not reply to this email.



Original Message Excluded:




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello tezzar


Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the forums in regards to the recent email received, we understand the concern this can cause. Welcome to the community.


The email address the message has come from is one of our's, if you have recently made changes to your package notification of this is sent via email. Have there been any issues at all in regards to the change or what was discussed?