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Latest Phishing News 23/02/2024


Latest Phishing News 23/02/2024

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response

Email 1

Virgin Media
Beware of getting hacked !!!
For security enhancements, we kindly ask you to upgrade your Virgin med account. In order to protect your account from getting hacked click on the "Upgrade Now" button below to complete the process.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.
kind regards,

The virgin media team
we don't pick up emails from this mailbox, so please don't reply to this

Email 2


Hello [ Information removed]

It's been a while since you've been active on your account. If you continue to be inactive, your account will be deleted in 10 days.

If you'd like to keep your account and data, sign in to your account and we won't delete it.



If your account is deleted, You'll lose data from all account system and severs.

Email 3

Direct Debit Failed

Dear customer,
We were unable to process your latest Virgin Media Broadband or Mobile bill at this time. The billing information associated with your account may have recently expired, your service is scheduled for disconnection.

To ensure that your service has not been interrupted, we require you to confirm your account billing information with us immediately, in order to avoid any suspension on your service.


Kind regards,

The Virgin Media Team

Email 4


Dear user

Your account will be replaced with our upgraded version on 20th of February, 2024.
Kindly update and safeguard your Webmail account by clicking the link below.


We take the security of you seriously!

Thanks for choosing us,
Do not respond to this mail, please. This address is unanswered for mail.

Email 5

Virgin Media

Dear User,

The safety of your Email is paramount to us. Due to Mailbox Quota and update, Your Email account is outdated as of today, and some of your important email has bounced back.

To Re-Update follow the upgrade link below.


To have your messages delivered. If this continues, your email will be marked as Invalid and will lead to the account deleted.

NOTE: Failure to comply, might lead to Permanent Deactivation of your Virgin Media.

Customer Service.

Email 6

Urgent:Your Avast_Protection Expired TODAY... Your Computer is at Risk_Now ?


Today's discount: 90%
Limited time: 20-02-2023


Renew your subscription as you are now unprotected against cyber attacks and hackers. For your security, we strongly recommend renewing your subscription.

If you have not renewed your membership, your account will be closed within 48 hours.


Email 7

Hello Guy,
Your Virgin Media contract's coming to an end soon. Why not save yourself the hassle of shopping around with this exclusive offer? For just a little extra a month, keep working, streaming, gaming and chatting like you do now, with the same 1,130Mbps average download speeds you're used to. Monthly price will increase each April from April 2025 by RPI +3.9%.

Plus, keep enjoying these great benefits

Stream, play and browse with fast, reliable WiFi gliding through every room or your money back*.
Priority tickets for thousands of gigs and events, as well as rewards, experiences, daily treats, prize draws and perks.
No sweat if anything breaks. We've got servicing and repairs covered at no extra cost (excludes misuse and mistreatment).
Watch your favourite flicks and series anytime, anywhere with Virgin TV Go – with 100+ channels to choose from.

Double the data on every eligible O2 Pay Monthly plan in your household.

Supercharged connectivity: our WiFi guarantee and O2 Travel Inclusive Zone, at no extra cost.

All the good stuff you'd expect from O2: epic 5G coverage and exclusive perks and experiences with Priority.

Learn more about Volt

See? There are loads of great reasons to stick with Virgin Media. So, make the most of this exclusive offer by renewing today.

For customers who have Maxit TV, TNT Sports is no longer included when recontracting with this offer.


Take care,

The Virgin Media team