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Hacked account

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Hi , My vm email account has been hacked as in other posts I have received an email from my own email address stating they have access to my account and showing my password etc,  they have also used my details to contact my mobile company and make changes to my account , I have updated my password etc but keep getting the email every day or so , can vm delete this email address altogether so it is no longer accessible I have changed my email address with other providers so I no longer need the vm mail address ? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi J03anderson1384

Thank you for your post.

We're really sorry to hear that your account has become compromised and you have been receiving emails from an attacker. We know how concerning this must be.

We really want to help, however firstly, can you please confirm if you are still an active customer with us and if the affected email account is the primary email account linked? If so, we are unable to delete primary email accounts on active accounts with us, but we can change the password and arrange for the account to be locked so no one has access.

We do have some information available here on what steps to take if your account has been hacked and preventative steps you can take. We'd recommend taking a look whilst we help you through this.