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0800 052 9406- phishing or harassment ?

Tuning in

I first received a "courtesy" call on my mobile from this number some 10 days ago, ostensibly Virgin Media wanting to ensure I had the best package available.

The caller knew my name and some other information which made me believe that they had access to my VM account. But I have always refused to entertain unsolicited marketing calls. And I steadfastedly refuse to provide evidence of my identity to such callers, which in this case were demanded for Virgin Media discuss offers ! And, so I was told, it was not possible to have details e mailed to me.

Having politely declined to engage with these callers I have since received a call from 0800 052 9406 every day.

So are these calls from scammers ? If so VM should alert their community. 

Or are they from Virgin Media  ( who promise not to "bombard" people) ? If they are genuine can they please outline what they consider to be an acceptable level of contact to customers who have indicated they do NOT want to be harassed.



Tuning in

Clearly someone has read my post. Having blocked the 9406 number  " Virgin Media " have tried to phone on 0800 052 7551 !

If this activity is condoned by VM they should hang their heads in shame.

Hi mwc,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you've been receiving excessive marketing calls. 

Have you updated your marketing preferences via your online account? If not, you can do that here

You can also find help regarding fraudulent calls here


Just joined

Thanks for this message thread, the number listed is the one I have been recieving for some time now, and I guess this means it isn't a phishing scam, just a badly handled sales call.

I got a call on this number offering me various upgrades, they knew the extent of my current package. I was eventually offered higher broadband, phone connection, and access to Amazon Premium and all for only £3 a month more. I had told her I was already happy with what I have, that I didn't need or want any upgrade and in fact would happiliy cope with lower broadband speed since I pretty much browse and play a low speed game that does not move a lot of data, and I do not stream so I don't need or want to get movies nor do I want mobile phone since O2 coverage around me is rubbish - I can't even make or receive texts in my own home.

She just would not take no for an answer, and she got the amount I am currently paying wrong - not by much but wrong all the same, this insistance, plus the wrong amount made me think I was being prepared for a scam - it took maybe half an hour, could have been more, before she eventually decided to stop spewing her sales script to me time after time.

If it wasn't phishing, it was extremely close to harassment, and this is what led me here to find out if this was a known scam caller number.

Even now I feel uneasy