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broken promises, failed pre pull work, no sign of any resolution

Joining in

I have now spent 5 hours on the phone to various CS agents regarding my install and pre pull work and I am still no closer to any kind of resolution. Every day I am promised that an engineer will show up to complete the work and as everyday passes we still have no sign of an install. To add insult to injury I am promised a call back every morning which never happens and the standard fobbing off by the frontline CS teams is awful. Is anybody at VM able to actually help get this install complete and put me in touch with a local engineer so I can get this issue resolved. 


Alessandro Volta

Read through the (many) other similar topics on this forum and you will see you are far from alone with this problem.

The 'guarantee' that your installation will happen on the day you call is repeated over and over on here. The conclusion from past topics has been that this is nothing more than an automated date that just rolls over each day and it has no value at all as an indicator of progress.

You will be eligible for compensation for any delay

but VM regularly tries to dodge, or reduce, paying out as described in topics on here.

Keep very detailed notes in a timeline format as you go along (with accompanying evidence of messages, texts etc.) as this will be helpful if/when you need to go to arbitration to get paid any compensation due.

As for any means to move the installation process along, there have been hundreds of similar past topics on here without any particular proven means to make progress.

You may get installed imminently or you may have a very long wait but no one at VM will be able to give you any reliable answers that you can have any confidence in as to when your installation will actually happen.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @MattWalker 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of any install delay. The pre-pull work can take place any day including the day before the install. The date on the system therefore is just a place-holder so apologies if you were not aware of this.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Forum Team

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