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Joining in

Hi I'm looking for some clarification regarding a wayleave I have been sent from Virgin Media.

My neighbours asked me the other day if I would provide an email address so Virgin could connect their house to the network. I have since received the Wayleave and an email and some of the Terms of the Wayleave are alarming. 

The email states: (your neighbours) has asked us to install Virgin Media services at their property, in order for us to install our services we require permission from you for our skilled technicians to run cables across your land.

That's not particularly alarming but the following wayleave T&C's are : 

2) You grant us the right to install, operate, keep and inspect the apparatus on, over or under the property and to carry out work on the property that is necessary to install, operate, maintain, adjust, inspect, alter, add to, connect to, replace, repair, upgrade or remove the apparatus and use the apparatus, and to enter the property and access the apparatus for these purposes, in addition to any other rights granted under the code. 

There are about 20 new builds being built across the road from us well within reach of our garden. If we granted permission for next door does this clause allow Virgin the right in the future to use our garden without further permission to further "connect to" all the new builds too if they decided to "add to" the network? 


Furthermore clause 3 is : You grant us the right to interfere and obstruct any means of access to the property. - quite alarming since I only have 1 way in and out my house? 

If anyone knows or has had any experience then any information would be greatly appreciated thank you. 


Alessandro Volta

forgetting the latter parts of their request the part that i would be most wary of is

we require permission from you for our skilled technicians to run cables across your land.

they might employ skilled people in some areas but the ones running cables across your land are unlikely to ne skilled they certainly wont be VM employees but sub contractors or even sub contractors of the sub contractors VM use - you may get a good job - you may get a team who will do exactly what they want with no regard to you or your land - read on here for the many stories

it comes back to your relationship with your neighbor and if you want to create friction by saying no

that said if the contractors do turn up to install your neighbor they may just go ahead and install across your land if if you say no - it would not be the first time

if i was in your shoes i would think long and hard about it and then most likely say no




Sacked VIP