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No virgin media wall socket

Tuning in


I just received the broadband kit (Hub 4) and I have the same problem - no VM fibre socket in the flat. Could anyone from the VM team please help?

Many thanks,



Community elder

It won't be 'fibre', or even a wall socket.

It could be as simple as:

Hi carl_perce, thanks for your reply.

I just moved in and I don't think anyone has ever used VM services in this flat before. There are some plastic boxes but no cable is coming out. I opened one box and looks like this:



That looks suspiciously like a cut VM cable with the coax on the LHS and the old phone cable on the RHS.

If it is the VM cable, the coax cable on the LHS will be a bigger diameter than the phone cable on the RHS. The phone cable on the RHS will contain 4 or 6 smaller, multi-coloured wires within the black outer sheath.

Call the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734, explain the problem and request a technician installation.

@goslow thanks for the information!

I opened another box and found a cable with a connector. Is this the VM cable? I broke the box and pulled the cable out. 

Unfortunately both this cable and the cable in the received kit have male conenctors. Is there anything I can do or I should still wait for the engineer?



That looks more useful (depending on what it is connected to at the other end).

You could try a coupler to join the two plugs together

Screw one end onto the cable from the wall and push fit the connecting lead on.

It's a generic part, also available from the likes of Screwfix, Toolstation, Homebase etc.

Joining in

Hi all..we just received our equipment and definitely don’t have any connections within the house that anywhere near match the supplied cabling. When the VM mod pops on, could you message us to arrange a tech visit? 
we are not massively tech savvy lol 

Hello Stueybb,

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear the connections in the house don't match for your equipment.

It must have either been a while ago since the previous tenants had our services, or they have been removed.

What we would have done from here is arranged for a technician to attend and get you connected.

However we can see this has already been arranged for you.

Would you be able to keep us posted how the visit goes.