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Nexfibre/Virgin build in Chandler's Ford - a few homes being skipped?

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Nexfibre/Virgin have been trenching our road (Thornbury Wood, Chandler's Ford, SO53). I've been excited about that as I'd like to get their FTTP service.

However, it seems that they are skipping the area where I've marked in green (houses 48 to 60). I checked with the workers and they aren't trenching that part.

Back in March, Virgin sent wayleave requests to those of us in that area. It seems that they wrongly assumed that this small part was privately maintained, but it is actually council adopted (even though that isn't obvious from the online Hants checker). One of the neighbours informed Virgin of this and they seemed to accept the explanation and we didn't hear more about the wayleave requests.

Now I'm wondering whether this means we will be unable to get FTTP from Virgin (😢), or whether it is possible that they will use existing Openreach ducting for this small area instead?

Interested if anyone has similar experiences, or whether anyone from the Virgin team could check for me. I'm poised to place an order...








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All I'd say is good luck dealing with this incompetent company. I've got a similar enquiry pending and it seems they will do their level best to never communicate with potential customers. I'd treat it as a blessing in disguise, because it doesn't look like the service gets any better when you're actually paying them money!

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Possibly answering my own question.. but I just spoke to the guys working on the road and they confirmed it was skipped because they had it marked as requiring wayleave consent. They agreed it looked maintained though and said they would see if they can get confirmation & agreement to trench while they are here.

So, maybe I'll get a result. Fair play to the guys I spoke with - they were very friendly and helpful.

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Looks like they've finished work now and haven't done our houses. If someone from the Virgin team could contact me to discuss I'd appreciate it.

Hey arnduser,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I'm sorry to hear that your street has been missed off, we could get this looked into further from here and get in touch with the team that would be responsible for this but we would need to take some details via a private message to do that, would you be okay to do that?

Kind Regards,


Hi Steven - yep, absolutely, happy to help however I can!