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Hub 5 & Nest Wifi Setup

Joining in

Hi all, firstly apologies for my lack of knowledge!

We're been facing some issues with our Google Mesh system recently, Google have claimed this is due to a double NAT issue however we never had problems previously, they "claim" these issues start to happen after a while but that seems a little odd to me, so I'm hoping someone can shed a little light onto it for me.

Our setup 1gbps Virgin Hub 5 (Router mode) 1gb ethernet > to Nest Wifi > Nest Pointer

We have most devices connected to the Nest Wifi and a select few on the Virgin Wifi (PS5 and TV for streaming, Plex etc) the others are all of the Nest system and that has been experiencing slow speeds and is requiring constant reboots.

Would the double NAT situation be causing these issues / is there a resolution?


Alessandro Volta

All you need to do is switch the Hub to modem mode, and then restart the Nest system. 

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