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Hub 5 SSID changed by itself (Again)

On our wavelength

So I first had this problem back in Oct 22 (but can't revive that post because it's been archived). The Hub 5 renamed itself from VMXXXXXXX to UPCXXXXXXX. The password had not changed! I had done nothing to bring about this change. Nobody seemed to believe me or be able to offer an explanation, but I was able to rename it back to what it was before, and all my connected devices were happy.

A few months later it did it again, but this time I decided to leave it with it's new preferred name, and reconnected all my devices with the new/UPC SSID and (the old password) to suit.

Fast forward to this evening, and all my devices lost connection to the internet, so I rebooted the Hub 5 but when it came back on it had a blue flashing light. Rebooted it again and it's renamed itself back to it's 'VM' identity! But it still has a flashing blue light (which Googling suggests means it's not searching for a WPS connection like the Virgin Hub 5 lights guide states, but instead means the Hub 5 has deregistered itself, which requires Virgin assistance) and even if I tell my devices to connect to the VM identity, they report IP configuration problems.

I've used the app(s), and booked a technician, and will try the 150 number in the morning, but in case there's a known fix for this, can anyone shed any light (haha) on this issue, please?


Try downloading the VM Connect app. Scroll down to the bottom where it shows share your WiFi password. Click onto this. 

You should be able to modify the name here. 


Then go back to home and choose the settings toggle (top left).

Is restore old hub settings turned on? If not turn it on. This should save the settings you just entered into virgin media’s cloud, meaning any virgin hub you connect will always inherit this WiFi name (even a new hub will change over this name). It should also clear out anything saved down that is incorrect. 


when the app last reset my hub to factory when I run a service checker, it comes back to life as a “Ziggo” branded hub with a blue and orange theme and foreign language.

Menus were interesting it said “WiFi signaal” and “Poort Forwarding” I think the cloud setting below kicked in as after a few minutes it went offline and came back as the customised SSID configured in VMConnect. 🙂 🙂