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Exterior (phone) cable detached and loose

Joining in

Hi, I have an exterior cable down and loose in front of our house. I believe it’s part of the phone cables, although our phone line is ok. Can someone from Virgin contact me and resolve this for me?

I’ve tried phoning Virgin up, but there’s no obvious option to select to get this resolved.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @gpowell99 

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Sorry to hear of your concerns with a loose cable outside your home. Does the cable come from our omni box which is the box attached to the external wall of your home, or does this come directly from the telephone pole?
Are you able to post an image and we can look into seeing if this cable is ours so that we have the rights and ability to work on it? Thanks 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Hi, it comes directly from the telephone pole. I’ve attached a pic.


Hello? Anyone there? This is not something I can phone up and talk to someone at VirginMedia because your automated call set up doesn’t allow it. Very poor that I have to come on here and try and get it resolved.

Alessandro Volta

The overhead telephone connection looks like one from an Openreach pole. If so it is nothing to do with VM.

Do you have a VM omnibox outside your home as below

Styles and branding may be slightly different.

If so the overhead telephone wire will be nothing to do with VM.

Perfect, thanks for your help.