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WiFi pod flashing red

Tuning in

My WiFi keeps dropping out and one of my pods is continuously flashing red , I have tried many times calling up for support and all I keep being told it’s fine to reboot the router and all will be ok. Can someone assist to save me calling all the time and getting the same answer


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Pookster23 thanks for your post although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

If this hasn't been sorted since Wednesday, can you please let us know as soon as possible and we'll do our best to help?

We would advise doing a full reset of the Pods by using the small reset button on the Pod to see if this helps too.

Please let us know how you get on.

Many thanks


There isn’t any reset button or point to reset them , I have had a technician out today and things have got worse ,  they changed the modem to the newest one available but now all pods are showing offline on the connection app

What a joke of a company VM are LG or O2 whoever they are now , surely in this day and age the WiFi boosters / pods provided to give you a service that you are paying for should be dealt with there and then , I have had continuous problems and highlighted to the technician today that one of the pods are flashing red “ it’s ok mate they will come on in the next 48hrs now that I have installed a new modem “ , shambles atrocious service , makes you so angry when you really require a service you are paying for doesn’t work the way it is advertised, god give me strength 

Yet another call to VM , Liberty Global , O2 whoever they wish to disguise themselves today to advise the WiFi signal is ridiculous and to get told first of all they cannot add the pods to my new modem that was swapped over and that they will send x1 out and I  would have to call back in another 10 days to get a 2nd pod and a further 10 days later for a 3rd pod to try and get my services up and running to the way they eventually had me working 3 month ago , they really do think customers are thick and a bunch of muppets on a string to play with , we do have knowledge on how things work you know no wonder people get upset , at the end of the day all I had was x1 faulty pod and all they needed to do was replace it and now they have changed a modem and want to replace all pods over the next 20 days and in the meantime i have to pay for a service that is not up to standard of what i signed up for , oh and stop advising people it fibre when the area is still built in a copper network you can say this when they upgrade the cabinets and copper to fibre 


This is why folks on this forum give repeated advice to invest in your own Wi-Fi Mesh or Wireless Access Points so you have full control and you can not be left in the lurch by a change of Hub or even a change of ISP.

Tuning in

Now into the 5th and pods still not connected , day 1 modem changed and service tech said it will take 24hrs and if not connecting call 150 day 2 call 150 they said have to wait 24hrs and maybe have to order x3 new pods x1 every 10 days , day 3 call 150 as still not working they advised it may be to do with my package and conned me into taking a bigger broadband package and said someone from specialist department will call me back in the next 2 hrs to connect all pods as they had the serial numbers , day 4 called 150 yet again and they advised they will chase up the specialist team to get them added to my account ( now really peeved off as I know they are just looking to get off the call )  still no joy and never got the call back I was promised, day 5 called 150 and guess what they said the specialist team don’t won’t on Sundays and that I was now priority and will get a call back within 2 hrs ( you guessed it still no call back after  4-5 hours ) .

After all I advised them at the very start x1 of the pods was flashing red and I needed a replacement and they decided to send someone out to swap modem and they advised they couldn’t swap pods and j would have to call 150 for a replacement maybe best to cancel now and slate VM , Liberty Global , O2 for what they are pure charlatans and bunch of con artists not bothered about their loyal customers that’s been with them for over 25years , the company is going backwards when other ISPs are up and coming great way to retain your customers 😡😡😡

Hi Pookster23,

So I can get a few more details from you regarding this, I've popped you over a private message.